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Responses to Lorrie

1) It's been a while since I've been a member on GM. I rarely ever read any of the shit that certain people posted. So I skipped posts, threads, and yeah, probably missed out on a few things. And even if I did read about that, I must have forgotten. I guess it was insignificant to me. I don't keep a log of every post ever written in my head. Sorry. I'm not going to apologize again because I know that I made a mistake but I'm not about to beg for forgiveness.

2) I never made fun of Liz's rape. Bullshit. You really feel the need to LIE about me? Real mature Lorrie.

3) I hate Heather. Heather hates me. If Heather's gonna be a bitch, I'm gonna speak out. Who is the one who dedicates her LJ to ME?? She actually had a member leave cause they were sick of reading about me. I think you're giving advice to the wrong person.

4) I never threw hissies. People with high self esteem and large egos would never understand what I go through and I know that half of you were just saying shit to make me feel better. You don't understand... you aren't in my you can't say "Oh, you're beautiful. Now BOOST THAT SELF ESTEEM!". It doesn't work that way. I'm sorry if talking about my problems was so horrible. I guess GM doesn't offer support to people with serious self esteem issues. That's good to know.

5) I lurk occassionally and the only reason I am replying to you now is because our little 14 year friend Jess (meatballbaby) told me about this entry. I do not stalk GM... I browse... as a lot of you do on my site... You've actually had trolls come over and you people actually started a site to mock mine some time ago, so don't be such a hypocrit. At least I don't send "spies" over. LOL

6) I never turned against you. I'm pretty sure you started in with the GM-type lectures and we banned you cause that's why we left GM... I made a place for people to feel comfortable. Not to be harped on for every little thing they say or do. I know of two members of GM RIGHT NOW who don't feel comfortable and really can't stand it there. And no, they are not members of MTMs.

7) Because people never seem to get a hint. But I suppose they don't understand "fuck off" (cause they never do it) so I'm gonna have to find another way of saying "leave me alone" that their petty little minds will understand. Thank you for enlightening me.

a) Once again I had no idea your entry was there until last night when Jess (meatballbaby) informed me. She started throwing false accusatinos at me and when I asked where they came from she said Lorrie's LJ. So you can blame that little twit for this. I was done with thr LJs til she mentioned that.

b) I have nothing to attack you for. You're one of the few decent people I respect on GM. I've never seen a fault in you and I suppose I never will.

c) Nope.. I'm not gonna do that either because I understand how awful a miscarriage is and I don't wish them upon anyone. I would love to see YOU pregnant.. It's other people who need to get their act together before TTC. You know who you are. Too bad it's too late.

d) You are talking to me... I can't prove it, but you are. I just thought I'd give you my 2 cents.. And I don't need your army of GMs in here. This is between you and I.
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