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Household Items - CRAFTS

Has anyone made crafts out of household items? Tin cans? Cereal boxes? Milk cartons?

What sorts of things have you made and are they durable and long-lasting?

What materials did you use to decorate them with?

Were your projects expensive?

All answers will be greatly appreciated. I want to start working on some cheap crafts. Mostly to use as storage bins/boxes.
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Pam, Just to let you know who I am. I am Shawnna and we have a mutual friend, Shannon. Shannon is like my worlds #1 best friend. I had an account with your MTM under Magdolen Mother but I don't believe its still there. i can't get into the site. so anyways I just figured I would add you to my list of people. If you don't want me to have you on my list just let me know and I will take you off willingly LOL.
I'll add ya!! It's always nice to have more friends. :)
More friends means better outcome LOL
I seem to have lost a few friends along the way, so it's good that new people are requesting to be my friend. Makes me feel all tingly inside... or maybe that's just gas.... Excuse me!!!! LOL

flower vase


June 7 2003, 23:19:30 UTC 13 years ago

I think making crafts is enjoyable and it is suitable for the exercise of brain function.
My grandmother makes flower vases decorated with (of course?) flowers using cans and advertising paper.
I think it cheap, and longlasting if you treat gently. Difficult to explain how to make them only with words...
That sounds like a great idea!! I never would've thought of that. Thanks a lot.
Hi, I don't know if you remember me; I'm Courtney from GirlMom. I was just checking your journal out and I see that you are pregnant. I just wanted to say congratulations. :) Would it be okay if we added each other to our friends lists? I've been wondering how you've been doing.
Thanks for the congrats. I'll add ya right now. ;)
Everyone probably does this, but for Christmas this one year, me and my grandmother made some bells out of foam cups, yarn, and aluminum foil. Wrap the cups in foil, poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, and thread the yarn through it. Add any little decorations (holly, etc.) that ya want. We made our about 16 years ago, and I still use them to decorate at Christmas. Just thought I'd share.
Thanks!! If they last that long they've gotta be worthwhile.
Hey. Don't mind me, I'm just here to share some crafty advice.

Tin cans are good for votive candle holders. You can leave them silver, or you can spray paint the outside to match your decor. You can punch holes in the cans, with a nail, to make designs so the light shows through. Milk cartons are good for soap or candle making, because they are waxed. You pour the hot soap mix or candle wax into the milk carton (cut the top off, so it's easier to pour in) and let it sit. Once it's hard, you just peel the carton away and toss it. Cereal boxes are generally too flimsy to do much with, but I *have* made a cute purse or two by laminating the box and attaching a strap. They aren't the most durable things, but can be pretty damn cute. If you are looking for storage, save all the heavy duty card board boxes (even shoe boxes are good) you can find (you can even ask stores in your area for their extras-- they just throw them away anyway) and paint them, decorate them-- sparkles, stickers, stencils, etc. You also might wanna check out craftgrrl for some more advice.
Thanks! Those are some really great ideas. I had sooo much spare time when I started this thread and now I'm working full-time again. I hope I get some time to myself so I can try some of those ideas. :)
a good craft for younger kids is what we use to do it save the carton that your meat comes on and wash them really really good and glue stuff on, we used buttons and sea shells. anouther fun one is getting a peice of wood (we used dirft wood but we leave near the ocean) and glue stuff like sea shells on them. what ive been doing lately is cutting up old magazines and making collages. also(we use to craft... a lot!) we use to take lids (the ones with no middle) and decrorate those and put pictures in them- we also used old christmas cards and just used the boarder to decrorate and put a picture in those. more things to glue on are beads, sticks, pine cones, ribbons, just about anything. a fun one for the christmas tree is taking a pine cone and putting gliter on it then hanging it by a string. we also made little people using a spoon, fabric, and a pipe cleaner. im sure we use to do more but thats all i can think of at this moment :)
i just stumbled onto your journal by accident. After reading this thread I gotta say I have no ideas for crafts (i suck at them) but I'd love to add ya as a friend ;) haha it makes me feel all tingly inside too and I'm kinda new at this :)
OMG PAM you are pregnant! congrats!!!! awww, a new baby, my Ethan is about 6 months old now, aww babies grow up so fast! I'm so happy for you! I been wondering how you been doing. please keep in touch.
Hey!!! I have a new LJ now. I'll add you as a friend!!! Please do the same for me!!! :)


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