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To all the sick fucks (GIRLMOMS) who think this was me!

When I read this I was appauled that someone would actually lie about something this extreme. No 12 year old in their right mind can write that well. I continued reading hoping that someone would find faults in their post and there it was: ARISMAMA's little fucking, immature comment.

Do you HONESTLY fucking think it was ME?? Here's a few things I'm going to point out. Hopefully your measley little brain can comprehend the following FACTS:
1. My daughter's name is spelt "Alexis"
2. My brother is younger than me. 16 to be exact.
3. My brother is NOT a diddler and I'd never even LIE about something that fucking horrific.
4. I'm 21, not 12.
5. I would NEVER call my brother a "bastard".
6. I would NEVER lie about being raped, even if I was fabricating a story.
7. I would NEVER fabricate a story just to piss off the girls at GM. I, unlike some people, have grown up, and I don't go around blaming every little thing on people I dislike.
8. I'm not the SICK and TWISTED individual you all think I am. I do not think that child abuse is an amusing subject that should be toyed with.

So for those who think it was me, fuck off and get a goddamn life. I'm sure the mods are capable of tracing IPs and it sure as hell isn't mine. Fucking asses you are.
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