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Just so everyone knows...

I want to get along with people. I really do. I fight way too much at home with my bf and way too much with others on the internet. I'm sorry to everyone I may have hurt, including Alli (I'm sorry about what I said about your ex. I know you don't care but I thought I'd apologize once more anyway.), Heather (I'm sorry for being a bitch towards you, but you've also done your fair share of trashing me. Congrats on your pregnancy.), Jamie (I'm sorry you felt the need to boot me off of your friend's list. I am a good person. I'm just hard to get along with.), Lozzy (Lauren, I really am sorry for giving you the boot in MTMs. I overreacted.), and everyone else who feels the need for an apology, I'm sorry. I can be a cruel person, yes. But I never meant to bring anyone down. I just go a little crazy sometimes. I'm always thinking that everyone is out to get me. There's my paranoia kicking in. I will understand if no one replies. That's fine. I just thought I'd bring an end to all of the fighting. Peace and I hope everyone is having the best of times during the holidays.
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